2.0 Movie Review : Shankar’s visual extravaganza.

November 29, 2018 | News Of 9

2.0 Movie Review

Movie: 2.0
Cast: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, and others
Story: Shankar S and Jayamohan
Music Director: A R Rahman
Cinematography: Nirav Shah
Editor: Anthony
Art: T Muthuraj
Produced by: A. Subaskaran
Banner: Lyca Productions
Screenplay and directed by: Shankar
Release date: Nov 29, 2018
Rating: 3.5/5


Much awaited sequel in the Indian cinema history is finally here. Shakar’s visual extravaganza “2.0” hit the screens all over the world today. Shankar and his team strongly belied that this movie doesn’t need any publicity. And….he is correct. This movie doesn’t need any publicity. Anyways let’s look at how it is on screens.


Mobile phones in the city start to fly to an unknown place and it all the mobile phones turns into a strange form and starts killing specific people for various reasons. Government calls for an important meeting to find out the reason and possible solution to the problem.
Scientist Vasikaran suggests that this could be a fifth force and asks permission to bring back Chitti-The robot. One of the ministers finds out the paramount importance of bringing back the Chitti. How chitti stops the Pakshiraja is the actual story.


When it comes to narrating a story with a slapping massage for society, no one can beat Shankar and it was a proven fact. Now he repeated same magic of storytelling. He included a strong message in 2.0 too.

We used to see a lot of birds in our home surroundings in our childhood days. But we cannot find any sparrows in our surroundings these days. This is what Shankar questions us in theatres. An ornithologist (Akshay Kumar) has deep bonding with the birds. Which led him to study about birds.

The population of sparrows and other bird species starts diminishing as the intensity of radiation increases. Shankar wants to address this problem with a character and he created Pakshiraja.

Shankar didn’t include any drama before telling the story. He straight away takes us to the main point. Mobile phones fly away from the humans and everyone wonders what’s happening. Then pakshiraja was revealed. After showing pakshiraja’s capabilities, the director showed Pakshiraja’s story.

In the first half, Shankar showed the devastation caused by Pakshiraja and some sentiment scenes towards the end of the first half. But the second half is full of action scenes and crazy chitti enters with an impeccable comedy timing. The film’s final portions are thoroughly entertaining with Chitti taking on Pakshi Raja. The final fight is a lengthy one but it is fun to watch with Rajini entering the scene as mini-bot, 3.0. What works in the film is the message and its spectacular visual splendor.

Shankar sticks with ROBO success formula. Fight sequences between Chitti and Pakshiraja while both take different forms and avatars. Bahubali has taken Indian Cinema to a whole new level and 2.0 pushed the boundaries furthermore.

Super Star Rajini Kanth performed what he is capable of. He provided entertainment in the form of Chitti. Apart from Chitti’s character, Rajini didn’t provide much entertainment. Akshay Kumar appears as an old man and his performance as an antagonist is the huge plus for the story. Amy is a robot and her performance was decent enough. Others performances are also decent enough.

Technical Aspects:
CGI work is too good. This movie will stand tall among Indian movies when it comes to Graphics. This is simply a visual extravaganza. The standards of this movie meet high budget Hollywood movies.

Nirav Sha’s camera work is top notch. Background score by AR Rahman is excellent and there is no specific time slot for songs in the movie. Background song which is sung by Kiravani garu is too good.

Bottom line: Shankar’s visual extravaganza.

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