2014 to 2019, the true colours of Chandrababu

February 9, 2019 | News Of 9

When it comes to politics Telugu Desam Party supremo and chief minister Chandrababu Naidu is known for his opportunist politics. His decisions purely reflect the opportunities to stay in power and his alliance is also to give him power. He does everything for power going beyond any ideology and crossing any level of commitment.

In 2013, when the BJP named Narendra Modi as its prime minister candidate, Chandrababu Naidu said he would work against Modi and see that the BJP is defeated. He was in Guntur district, Palnadu region, where he promised the Muslim community that he would not support the BJP or align with the communal leadership of Narendra Modi. But, when the election schedule was announced, he was the first to run for the friendship of Narendra Modi.

In 2014, Chandrababu Naidu asked for special category status for 15 years. After winning the elections, he made the AP Assembly to pass a resolution seeking special category status for the State. In 2016, he had given up the special category status demand and had settled with the special package announced by the BJP government at the Centre. In 2017, he made Assembly to pass a resolution thanking the Central government for the special package offered to the State.

It was in 2017, Chandrababu Naidu criticised Congress president Rahul Gandhi when the latter visited Guntur to renew the demand for special category status to the State. His TDP leaders held protests across the State opposing Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Guntur. Black flags and black badges were shown to Rahul Gandhi when he visited the State. That was the time when Chandrababu Naidu was sailing with the BJP.

In 2018, Chandrababu Naidu dropped the special package and had taken up the special category status demand. He made the Assembly pass resolution criticising the Central government for denial of special category status to the State. He blamed the Central government for the injustice done to the State.

In 2019, he aligned with the Congress and is welcoming Rahul Gandhi to visit the State. He is planning to invite Rahul Gandhi to be present in Amaravati for his final protest against the Central government. He is now opposing the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Guntur. His party leaders are showing black flags and black badges to Narendra Modi.

From 2015 to 2017, Chandrababu Naidu opposed any form of protest in the State, even for the special category status. He asked the Opposition parties to hold such protests in Delhi and not in Andhra Pradesh. In 2018-19, Chandrababu Naidu had been holding protests in the State for the special category status demand. This is what Chandrababu Naidu is known for and had been doing since 2014, taking U turn on every issue on every day that suits his opportunist politics.

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