Akhil’s foolishness revealed

September 19, 2018 | News Of 9
Akhil is one young actor who often makes news for some silly reasons. Now, he is caught again by the media for a silly tweet of his. As there is one day to reveal the first look of his film, he has done a blunder now.
In sending a tweet from his handle, Akhil has tagged himself on Twitter along with other id’s. This has made him a silly target on the social media who are mainly saying that how can he tag himself without even checking.
Some say that he is only posting all the messages in the form of tweets that he is getting from his PR agency. In such a situation Akhil has made a fool of himself on many are having a ball trolling on twitter. 
Akhil is busy with the launch of the first look of his new film which is being directed by Venky Atluri. 

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