Allu Sirish had nothing to do with Postponement.

May 17, 2019 | News Of 9

Allu Sirish’s ABCD hits the screens all over the world today. It is getting mixed responses from some centers here in Hyderabad. However, we still need to wait for some more time to get full reports about the movie.

ABCD was expected in theatres three months back itself. But makers wanted it to be more of a Telugu original movie rather than a Malayalam remake. So, team ABCD had to re-write almost all scenes except 15 to 20 scenes. Initially, they shoot the entire ABCD as it is from Malayalam. So, they had to re-shoot most of the scenes according to new scenes they wrote again. Later they went back to initial scenes. This caused a lot of confusion which took them almost three months to sort.

When asked about the same, Allu Sirish said that he has nothing to do with the postponement of the film. It’s all because of the creative approach through which we wanted to make this film, he added.

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