CBN to release 9 white papers to blame BJP

December 20, 2018 | News Of 9

Telugu Desam Party supremo aCBN to release 9 white papers to blame BJPnd AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is planning to release series of white papers at the end of his term starting from January. He had done this exercise in the beginning of his term in 2014 and all that were targeted at the Congress for the bifurcation. He had shifted every blame on the Congress as he was sailing with the Bharatiya Janata Party at that point of time.

Four years later, Chandrababu Naidu wants to do the same but this time targeting the BJP. He is planning to release a set of nine white papers and every paper shifting the blame on the BJP for its non-cooperation. While it is to be seen whether these white papers would also point an accusing finger at the Congress, it is clear that he is set to go hard against the BJP blaming it for every problem that the State is facing now.

He plans to script the white papers on education and health sectors, water resources managements and irrigation projects, human resources development, industries and employment opportunities, service sector, welfare and infrastructure development.

The Chief Minister said the state govt explained on state bifurcation issues and challenges in white papers released during 2014 and now the progress achieved for the past four and half years should be highlighted. He said the 9 white papers should be released one each daily and they should be in Telugu language and distributed among people for a public debate during Janmabhumi-Maavuru grama sabahas.

The Chief Minister said the present white papers to be released should reveal the progress for the past four and half years and future targets for the coming five years and they should reflect the ground realities. He said the income of farmers was doubled during the past four years. The state govt completed 17 irrigation projects and another 14 projects are ready for inauguration.

The Chief Minister said officials should explain on the welfare measures taken by state govt right from birth of a child including education, employment, marriage, housing, health,  public distribution system, pension, Chandranna Bhima to benefit the poor.

The Chief Minister said the white papers should reveal the progress in employment opportunities, industrialisation, attracting investments, skill development, Yuva nestam, good governance, corruption free state, grievance redressal through dialling 1100, real time governance. He said the state govt increased the budget to education sector and launched several new schemes including NTR Videsi Vidya, fee reimbursement, digital class rooms to develop the state as an education hub. He said the reforms in medical and health sector including NTR Vaidya Seva, Talli-Bidda express, NTR baby kits, mother kits, Chandranna Sanchara chikitsa and other schemes should be highlighted.

The Chief Minister directed the officials to prepare development plans at state, district, mandal and village level along with white papers to be placed before the people during Janmabhoomi-Maavuru programme scheduled to be held in January.

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