Discomfit on CBN, Boon to KCR?

August 6, 2018 | News Of 9
Discomfit on Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister leads to a boon for Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandra Shekar Rao. Whenever KCR requests PM Narendra Modi something, PM is granting without any delays. KCR met Narendra Modi two days back and both were discusse for about 2 hours continuously on various topics. Primary issue being establishment of Zonal System in Telangana and formation of new districts in the state. For these kind of acts permission from the PMO is must. These permission documents are main obstacles for many development works along with assignment of various posts.
When KCR met PM, he convinced PM and got all the required permissions for everything. This is a good news for Telangana and to its people. Now the pending works will change the gear and speed up the process.
Some political saints believe that these bond between KCR and PM Narendra Modi will put CBN in a difficult situations. And they are suspecting that PM is accepting all the requests  to roast the AP CM. It is indirect implication of the relationship with the PM.BJP leaders threatening that if at all in 2019 BJP win the elections they definitely take the chances not to help the AP in any possible way.
This acts will worsen the  frozen relationship between TDP and BJP.

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