Europe Janasainiks to meet in Germany on 24th of Nov

November 20, 2018 | News Of 9


Janasainiks always finds a way to meet each other wherever they are in this world. They always extend their helping hands for the nonprofit social welfare organizations and such kind of activities in Telugu State. Recently some NRIs sent their help in the form of good grains, clothes and money for Titli hit areas in Srikakulam. Janasainiks in the USA regularly conducts Janasena related events at various cities.

Now, Janasainiks in European countries decided to meet at Munich, Germany on the 24th of November. They will discuss and share their ideologies and they will make a plan of work for the future Janasena activities in Europe. Even though they are away from their motherland, they want to work with the Pawan Kalyan to bring the change in the Telugu states and to develop the Telugu States. Non-Resident-Telugu people can also attend this event in Munich, Germany on 24th of November.

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