Exit Polls: All in favor of Pink Party

December 8, 2018 | News Of 9

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Exit polls were almost unanimous in predicting that TRS president and Care Taker of Telangana State K Chandrashekar Rao’s gamble of advancing the assembly polls will pay off and he will retain the power. Out of five exit polls, two predicted TRS will win the polls with whopping majority while other three exit polls estimated that TRS probably reach near to the win. Means there might be hung kind of situation in the state. Even if it is a hung situation, TRS will form the government for sure with the support of MIM party.

According to INDIA TODAY MY AXIC EXIT POLL, Telangana Rastra Samithi party will win the Assembly Elections-2018 with a huge margin. Out of 119 assembly seats, TRS may claim 79 to 91 constituencies. It is known that any party which can hold 60 assembly seats can form the government. Congress-led great grand alliance might win 21 to 33 seats. BJP can’t even cross 3 seats. Overall, India Today Exit Poll prediction goes like this: TRS- 46%, Congress-led Great Grand Alliance- 37%, BJP- 7% and MIM- 7% Republic TV-C Voter Exit poll predicted that Hung Assembly will be established. According to this, TRS will win around 48 to 60 seats and Congress-led Alliance will win around 47 to 59 seats and 11 seats for BJP. Republic TV-Jan Ki Bat Survey also predicted similar results. According to this, TRS will form the government with the support of MIM. Republic Jan Ki Bath prediction goes like this: TRS (50-65), Alliance (38 to 52), BJP (4 to 7) other (3 to 7).

Times Now CNX exit poll’s predictions also in favor of TRS. It predicted that TRS will emerge as the largest party with 66 seats while alliance might end up with 37 seats other will get remaining seats.

What Lagadapati Survey has to tells!!

Our very own Bezawada Octopus Lagadapati Rajagopal’s survey tells a completely different story than other exit polls. He announced that Mahakutami will win at 7 PM yesterday. According to his predictions: Congress-led Alliance will secure around 65 Assembly Seats, while TRS can only manage 35 seats. His survey somehow created an unrest amongst TRS leaders for sometimes.

However, actual results will be revealed on the 11th of December.

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