Here is what Bin Laden’s mother speaks for first time

August 6, 2018 |
The mother of late Osama bin Laden, who was assassinated by American forces in 2009, has given an interview to a Western media house.  It’s touted to be her first ever interview.
She has spoken like a biased mother in the much-debated interview.  The dreaded terrorist, who became a hate figure in the West and many countries in the East in the 2000s, was a “good boy” as a child, she tells the interviewer.
How come he became a bloodthirsty monster then?  He was brainwashed by some people he had met at a University in his early 20s.  Laden met someone who indoctrinated him with Jihadist ideology.  He started seeing a spiritual guru in a Muslim Brotherhood extremist, she adds.
Although the mother’s account of her son is not objective, the slained al-Qaida leader’s brothers have said that Laden always was a matter of shame to the family.

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