Debate: Is village level liquor ban possible in AP?

September 30, 2018 | News Of 9

Consumption of alcohol is prohibited in some parts of India. Recently Bihar and Kerala became the two new states to ban Liquor in the states and became Dry State of India.

Below are the current Dry states List India:


We have three dry days across all India: Republic Day (January 26), Independence Day (August 15), and Gandhi Jayanti (October 2).

Recently JanaSena Chief & Party President Mr.Pawan Kalyan promised in his Chintalapudi(WestGodavari Dist Porata Yatra) general meeting addressing to women in Andhra Pradesh that “He will enforce & implement Liquor Ban in AP by Village level if specific Village women gets majority voting for a liquor free village in referendum conducted by his government(2019).

Kachhabali village in Rajasthan has become the first in the state to become a liquor free village. A referendum was conducted on Tuesday, March 29, which saw over 67.11 percent people voted for a liquor free state.

Newsof9 Readers,

What do you think about “Village level liquor ban in AP by JanaSena Chief Mr.Pawan Kalyan”, is it good for society? what are the difficulties JanaSena chief may face while implementing this ? Does it increase AP deficit more?

Please provide your valuable comments!


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