Jagan’s party in Telangana?? lolzz

August 6, 2018 | News Of 9


After 2014 assembly elections, almost there is no evidences of Jagan’s political party in Telangana except two or three assembly constituencies. Now after 4 years of KCR’s ruling those candidates of YSRCP vanished from Telangana political map as KCR merged them with the help of “Akarsh”. And Jagan didn’t say any word about it. Recently some of the Jagan’s party leaders made an appearance in front of Hyderabad collectorate office and commented on KCR. “There has been injustice to students and unemployed youth of united AP and KCR promised one lack jobs to youth” Jagan’s party leaders fired against KCR.

‘Talangana, a state that is result of sacrifices and destruction’s of crores of youth deserve jobs instead KCR family itself got 5 jobs in CM’s cabinet office’ questioned Dr. Gattu Srikanth reddy, YSRCP Telangana chief. He went on to call all unemployed youth to agitation in front of Hyderabad collectorate. Everyone in the state came to conclusion that Jagan’s YSRCP packed its bags after complete disastrous failure in 2014 assembly elections. But now all of a sudden this incident making some noise in the media and of course no one is caring about it. As assembly elections are at hand, these gimmicks are very common in politics otherwise Jagan’s YSRCP will not be seen in Telangana forever. Anyway Jagan’s party still alive in Telangana.

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