James Bond fighter for Uyyalawada???

August 6, 2018 | News Of 9


There are very high expectations on Megastar’s next project “Saira”. Megastar Chiranjeevi will be playing Uyyalawad Narasimha Reddy who fought with Britishers for independence. Director Surendar Reddy took this project very seriously.

As of now, fighting sequences are being shot at Hyderabad outskirts in an old fort especially made for this movie. Numerous new decisions made by Director Surendar reddy for this film, now a fighting sequence, in which guns will be stolen from Britishers, is designed very well. Greg Pawell who composed fighting sequences for a James Bond movie “Sky fall” called in for “Saira” to compose this fighting sequences. Greg Pawell already worked for two or three Bollywood movies and now settled for a while in Hyderabad and designed the fighting sequences.

Nowadays, hype for any movie is a must. And with the Amithabachan in the movie playing a crucial role it got hyped all over India and now the Hollywood action director.

If everything goes well, Tollywood may again make it to international box-office after Bahubali.

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