Just Before the release; Maharshi Producer in Risk??

May 8, 2019 | News Of 9

Internet flooded with Maharshi’s articles saying that it did whopping Rs150Cr pre-release business. This led to Incom Tax raids on Dil Raju office.
Just a day before the release IT officials visited Dil Raju’s offices in Hyderabad to inquire the details.

Dill Raju is handling the distribution in Nizam, Krishna, and Uttarandhra. It is known that the film did almost 100Cr of theatrical business and 50 Cr of digital/satellite/dubbing business.
Makers have spent huge amounts making this film and they reportedly sold the movie to the highest possible rates which in turn led to a huge hike in ticket prices.
The IT officials are questioning the production team and accounts of Dill Raju.

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