Not the best way to tackle Amaravathi :Ex-IAS

August 6, 2018 | News Of 9
As 2019 elections are at hand, political situations in the state are  getting heated up. It is evident that CBN all of a sudden trying to full fill the promises that he made during last election now, almost 4 years later he assumed CM office. As a part of this he recently announced Unemployment pension for the youth, Amaravathi lands and reservations so on and so forth. These statements are thrown by former IAS officer, ex- secretary of Home ministry “Padhma Bhushan” Sri. Padhmanabhayya. He further added “ does it required to loot 33000 aceea of land from formers to build a city where farmers can not even work. CBN who is a master of tong twisting saying that he will build an international city without spending too much . How does that even possible?” “Without solving the basic problems to which people of AP suffering from,  claiming Amaravathi is the best is not a solution “ he pointed out.
He further questioned that what would be the reason to have special flight services from Hyderabad to Vijayawada if there are numerous regular services?  He doubted that AP is acting like anti defection in Telangana. He also requested assembly speaker that he should take serious actions against those who shifts political parties for their own benefits.
MLAs are now being sold as cattle herd in AP and to that CBN also agreed. He went onto saying that “ethics in politics now a days hit the rock bottom and that lead  to intolerance.”  “Unemployment pension should  be restricted to 2 years and after these two years candidates must get into job” he suggested. He finally concluded that “all he wanted is to sit again on CM , that’s why he started making false promises all over again”

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