Pulwama Attack: Can we afford to go on war with Pakistan?

February 17, 2019 | News Of 9

An Inhuman and barbaric incident happened on a day we generally celebrate love and affection. The Pakistan Government backed terrorist group “Jaish e-Mohammed” which has been targeting Indian Army since 1994 killed approximately 50 paramilitary Jawans in a bomb blast at Pulwama in Kashmir.

Rage and anger flooded in the veins of every Indian. Everyone wants a befitting reply from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and PM gave all permission to Indian Army.

Amitabh Bachchan announced 2.5Crores financial help to all martyred Jawans and Reliance Foundations, former Crackers Sehwag and Goutham Gambhir announced that they will help children of martyred to achieve their goals.

Entire Nation mourns the loss of our heroes at the Pulwama. The United States of America, Germany, Israel, and all other friendly nations announced that they are with the Indian Government. However, China, like always save Pakistan for its economic and geographical benefits. China used its NATO vote to oppose Azhar, the leader of “Jaish e-Mohammed” as a global terrorist. This is all happened within 30 hours of time span.

Many people started questioning how come he (terrorist) freely moved in a vehicle which is loaded with high amounts of Ammonia Nitrate and Power full RDX on national high ways. How many such terrorists still residing in Kashmir? Yes, we need to give a befitting reply to those Paki-Terrorists. But can we afford to lose our brothers, fathers, sons, and husbands in war?

Let me give you lucid explanation without bragging about law and order stuff. Back in 2014, Indian Army shot dead two suspicious young men who have crossed two security checkpoints without being inspected. Later, it was learned that those two were innocent and Kashmir people and other human rights activists pressurized Indian Government and Indian Army to punish the Army people for their mistake. Two Army officers were punished and they are still behind the bars.

Ever since Kashmiries who support Pakistan started violating security rules and Indian Army couldn’t do anything. That could be the reason why terrorist could move easily through security checkpoints on the high way.

Instead of instigating the anger and rage and pressurizing the Indian Government and Army officials to take vengeance, we should give them time to plan the action. They have better ideas than us.

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