TDP loses one MLA, YSR Congress gains it

December 16, 2018 | News Of 9

The Telugu Desam Party had lost one MLA from its count, while it had come as advantage for the Opposition YSR Congress. TDP MLA from Madakasira SC reserved constituency, E Eeranna, had to quit his post leaving it to his rival and YSR Congress candidate M Thippe Swamy. This had come as compulsory for Assembly Speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao to act on as it was directed by the Supreme Court.


The apex court had directed the AP Assembly Speaker to recognise Thippe Swamy in the place of Eeranna, whom the court had disqualified. The Hyderabad High Court had in November disqualified him for hiding the police cases pending against him and his wife working as government employee. Though the TDP MLA went for appeal in Supreme Court, the apex court had upheld the High Court decision following which the TDP MLA had quit.


Eeranna had submitted his resignation to the AP Assembly secretary the other day. Following this, the YSR Congress candidate had met the Assembly secretary and submitted the copy of the Supreme Court order and a representation on his behalf. He had asked the Assembly to recognise him as the Madakasira MLA upholding the Supreme Court order.


The Assembly speaker, who is currently unavailable, is likely to take a call on this issue. Though he has kept the issue of YSR Congress MLAs defection issue, it is now a compulsory for him to act as the Supreme Court is firm on the implementation of the order.


The YSR Congress had already boycotted the Assembly in protest against the Speaker’s inaction on the defections. They have not attended the monsoon session and the budget session as a mark of their protest. Even if the Speaker acts on the Supreme Court order and recognises the YSR Congress MLA, he might end up not attending even a single session as the party is continuing to boycott the session.

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