The Unsung ‘Hero’ – Pawan Kalyan

May 25, 2019 | News Of 9

The man who definitely helped TDP rise to power in 2014. The man who took the role of opposition ‘Leader’ when people were feeling if we have one. The man who heard people’s voices and traveled with them. Respected and devoted Pawan Kalyan, the Sainik of the Janasainiks. This is a clear shout out post to his intention and his efforts that definitely stole people’s hearts but not votes.

This man was definitely the reason for the swing in TDP or things wouldn’t have been what they were for TDP. Had he really intended to take up a ministry, it wouldn’t have been difficult for him to get a post either at the center or the state has given the rapport and the terms he had with BJP and TDP back then; He still chose not to and this in a way is appreciable and maybe not as well. His lack of stability and inconsistency is something he may have to work on.

I think we also need to stop comparing him with another PRP(This is definitely worth another post and my respect for Megastar Chiranjeevi increased multi-fold after this elections and learnings about what yellow media did) and start seeing it as Janasena Party. We definitely need to appreciate his efforts during instances related to Uddhanam, farmer issues and many such. This man clearly filled the void of the leader of the opposition. The call for clean and healthy politics was good.

In a way, this was the reason he distanced himself from TDP seeing the way things were shaping out. Having said this, YSRCP wasn’t any pure soul making him focus on both of them and not locking his target. His distribution of seats was commendable and work in coastal Andhra and Godavari districts were well planned. The impact created without using cash and liquor as a bribe is stupendous.

However, not everyone’s requirement is the same and the result shows that. People have definitely thought about Pawan Kalyan but he had to a bit more. I hoped he will become a kingmaker and create some impact but things didn’t work out the way he/many/I wanted. If he is given an opportunity as a CM, even PK should have been given a chance as an MLA. (क्या जाता था?)I think yellow media played a pretty big role in maligning his image and also not covering him.

We are a nation who rely and believe a lot of stuff that is shown on media and this definitely impacted him and his party. I recollect the instance where Mr. VV/JD Lakshmi Narayana went and met PK; he carried a bag along with him and there were posts about money being circulated for seats. Such things really damaged the image. When someone like JD/VV trusts and backs PSPK it definitely is something we need to think about. I really wish people of Visakhapatnam were a bit more strategic and choose V. V Lakshmi Narayana as their representative. The voice of Vizag or Andhra Pradesh would have been heard if it was him representing the constituency. (This was a foolish step for sure and I am glad the numbers were good but should have been best for making a difference.) PK/& JDs win would have given the common man a voice in the Assembly/& Parliament.

I honestly feel we missed a golden opportunity here not with respect to making PK CM but in sending a few sensible folks to the legislative assembly and the lower house. Securing close to 7% of seats in each of Assembly and Parliament mandate is a decent result without having cash cow’s or industrialists (At least he stands 3rd when compared to CBN/YSJMR) in his pockets. In such a way, this definitely is a win with morals and within the limits. If the foundation is strengthened further and the cadre of Janasena is strengthened they can definitely pierce into the people who can fetch them more votes.

It was clearly indicated that this journey isn’t for power but in all honesty, power is the preamble to governance and change. One needs a representation in the legislative houses to make a tangible impact and implement the change that was intended. Janasena should take a deep breath, retrospect and come back stronger because TDP can be written off for now unless Jr.NTR takes the driver’s seat. YSR may stay but given the background and scenarios, I foresee a need for an alternative and PK’s Janasena with good cadre and caliber can be a perfect alternative. His journey has begun and he definitely will be an alternative force in case he can sustain for the next 5 – 10 years. Strengthening his party will be a big challenge. In times where people with good intentions and organizations like Loksatta PARTY couldn’t make a long-lasting impact, treading the path he intends to is definitely an uphill task. However, it’s all about the journey and utilizing the opportunities that come his way and wishing him and the state of AP all the very best.

Thank you for being the voice of a common man when the sounds were from people who weren’t among the commoners. Wishing Jana Sena Party All the very best for the future and congratulating them for the first step taken.

P. S: This isn’t any paid post and is purely my view. I like the picture above as it seems to an embodiment of calmness and chaos. This isn’t a biased post or a fan speaking I tried to be as neutral as possible.

Wetten By Srinivasaraviteja

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