We fight for rights but we forget our responsibilities: Pawan Kalyan

November 13, 2018 | News Of 9

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Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan addressed Muslim communities in Kakinada. Young people, Women, highly educated Muslim people talked on behalf of their community and represented their problems. Nadendla Manohar told how they got shelter from a Muslim family when they were kids.

Pawan Kalyan addressed every problem brought by the previous speakers. He said, “India has a complex social structure and we need should consider interests of every community in the country. Not only that wealth in the country is accumulated to at some people only and they are dictating how other sections in the society have to live.”

He said that there was always fraternity and sodality between the Muslim communities and other communities in the country. Muslim communities are an integral and significant part of Indian societies.

While speaking Pawan Kalyan said, “BJP is not a Hindu party rather is a political party which is doing convenient politics at a greater extent as of now. BJP party imposed certain rules to prove our patriotism. We need not to prove our patriotism in theaters. ”
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandra Babu Naidu is now raising his voice against BJP after 4 years of long association. But Janasena party always questioned ruling parties irrespective of the alliance. CBN always speaks about Singapore level of Capital city of Andhra Pradesh but he never speaks about the Singapore kind of ruling in Andhra Pradesh.

Pawan Kalyan said, “We fight for our constitutional rights but we fail to do our fundamental duties or responsibilities. You should not fall for traps by anyone. We need to introspect ourselves before voting to any politician.”

Janasena will work for the betterment of Muslim communities in the state. Pawan Kalyan called all the educated, intellectual and modern Muslims to come out.

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